tcp_0389-highres-watermarkedAre you one of our Greenhill Family Chiropractic Tribe?

Not just everyone qualifies to be a Greenhill Family Chiropractic practice member.

We love our practice and we love our practice members and we love attracting more people just like them! We offer something different and unique in the wellness space and we want to fill our practice with people who want just what we offer. It’s just easier and more fun that way!

Recently we sat down and had a good think about just what makes an ideal member of our tribe. We came up with two core demographics we would love to attract more of into our practice.

Don’t worry if you don’t fit the bill, you are still welcome and we aren’t going to kick you out and if you want one of your friends and family to experience the benefits of Chiropractic they don’t have to pass a test.

We just wanted you to know two key groups we are targeting.

Wellness Families and Wellness Go-Getters.


Our wellness families might be a single mum with a child, a couple with 6 kids, a mum who is expecting or even a couple hoping to conceive.We love all kinds of families at Greenhill Family Chiropractic and you are always welcome!

Our wellness families know that there is more to good health than just not being sick. They aim to thrive not just survive. They understand that their kids need no help to develop to their full potential, just no interference and focus on creating an environment that allows their family to grow healthily. Our wellness families are actively looking to create wellness lifestyles, constantly wanting to learn about and improve the way that they eat, think and move to get the best out of their bodies and their lives!


Our wellness go-getters love to learn. Whether it is books, podcasts, seminars, movies or just great questions they are always looking for some new information to improve their health and well-being.

Like Dr Brett trying to do yoga or meditate they might not be experts yet (or even any good) but they are willing to have a crack and want to improve their overall wellness.

Our wellness go-getters love to get everyone else on board. When they find something they love they just want to share it with everyone that they know and love (and even people they don’t). They are great referrers and our practice is built on referrals!

And they don’t just talk about it they do it. They are constantly taking actions (no matter how small) in the direction that they want to move. Whether it be their diet, movement, mindset or even sleep.

So what do you think? Do you fit the bill?

Do you know someone who does?

If you do, we would love to meet you. Give us a call on 8364 2600 and book an initial examination in our practice for just $20 and find out if our unique wellness focused Chiropractic approach might be just what you have been looking for!